An Epidemic of Obesity Myths
Obesity Myths

It's easy to spot our love-handles. No problem. What's difficult is determining the cause. Despite constant chatter from nutrition zealots about "junk" foods and diet trends, most people remain clueless about the actual triggers behind the population's weight-gain.

There's certainly no shortage of fall guys for the plus sized: starch, fat, sugar (just to name a few). Pick any box in the food pyramid and you'll find a food previously singled out as the scourge of obesity. But you won’t find an effective solution. Because lifestyle, not diet, is the main cause of obesty.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Obesity Myths

A calorie is a calorie and a sweetener is sweetener. Period. The myth that high fructose corn syrup is making us fat in a unique way should stop there. Unfortunately, it hasn’t. Read more here.

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