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An Epidemic of Obesity Myths
A Weight Loss Goldmine

A brochure promoting the first World Obesity Congress and Expo noted with emphasis: "Within 10 years, the market for obesity drugs is projected to be $50 BILLION, more than outselling today's top three "blockbuster" categories—cholesterol-lowering, anti-depressants, and heartburn—COMBINED!" The document further exclaimed: "The worldwide Bio-pharma industries are in a race for what is almost certainly the biggest windfall in the history of modern pharmaceuticals! … An effective therapeutic is indeed the pharmaceutical 'Holy Grail.'" The brochure went on to note that a discussion topic would be: "What kind of obesity outcomes research is needed to make a compelling case for the 'value' of a therapeutic?"

Author Ellen Ruppel Shell reports in her book The Hungry Gene that the "chief business officer of one of the fastest-growing biotechnology companies in the world" says, "Obesity is the trillion-dollar disease."

In April 2005 The New York Times reported:
"From pharmaceutical giants to tiny start-ups, the industry is spending billions of dollars developing obesity drugs. An estimated 200 possibilities are now in the research pipeline or under test among patients at dozens of clinics … "Everybody is just foaming at the mouth to make money" from obesity drugs, said Dr. Donna Ryan, an obesity researcher affiliated with Louisiana State University, which has received millions of dollars in government and drug-industry grants."